Research shows the value of homes in Black-majority neighborhoods is $156 billion lower than their equivalent values in similar white neighborhoods. Perry writes that redevelopment in Black neighborhoods needs to be sensitive to African-American culture to avoid the perils of gentrification. If long-term renters had access to low-interest mortgages, then home ownership could be improved in Black neighborhoods. Another possibility involves micro loans for maintenance. In 1943, W.E.B. DuBois recommended these crime reduction strategies: employment at a livable wage, the eradication of illiteracy by 1980, universal health care and eliminating unemployment. Education has long been the way most Americans improve their fortunes. As Perry wrote, "Schools that have drinking fountains that give clean water, proper climate controls, comfortable seating, up-to-date technology and a solid roof send a firm statement about how much a community cares. Conversely, when the roof leaks and classrooms are inadequately heated, a community senses they aren't valued." the original source Schools are more than centers of education. They are community anchors.

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